We have a product suitable for every care environment and the Herida range of static foam mattresses and cushions are highly effective whilst offering excellent value for money.

Herida – Avon ™

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The clinically proven Herida – Avon™ pressure reducing mattress has been developed using the very latest combustion modified ether foam technology (CME). This high quality product features a castellated foam surface, which sits on a sturdy “U shaped foam base”.

Herida - Somerset ™

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The Herida – Somerset™ pressure reducing mattress has been developed from some of the most comfortable, high density, visco elastic foams available on the market today. When combining this high quality surface area with that of a combustion modified ether foam base, our research and developments teams have created an industry challenging product within its class.

Herida - Devon™

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The Herida – Devon™ mattress provides excellent value for money for those on a tight budget. Naturally, one can rest easy as the usual high standards from Herida apply and that comfort is always achieved without the need to compromise on pressure reducing abilities.