Herida - Durham™


The Herida – Durham™ is manufactured from only the very best quality, temperature sensitive, memory foam (or visco elastic surface). When coupled with a high density combustion ether modified foam base, this product achieves outstanding comfort,

Herida - Cumbria™

Herida 1 - small - web

The Herida – Cumbria™ is an ‘At Risk’ value offering from within the range. Made from a quality, castellated combustion ether modified foam CME, its large castellation’s take into account the penetrative ischial tuberosity’s (bones within the bottom) and the impact of the direct seating position, thus achieving total weight re-distribution.

Herida - Berkshire™

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The Herida – Berkshire™ is the premium pressure reducing cushion within the entire seating range. Its slightly profiled appearance and visco elastic base, combined with a fluid type gel surface technology, provides outstanding pressure reduction, whilst offering cooling properties to the skins surface area.

Herida - Wiltshire™


The Herida – Wiltshire™ is a dynamic cushion used in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for patients in all categories of risk. It provides comfort and support by maintaining a good level of blood flow around the body whilst seated.