Aside from the base line cigarette and match fire retardancy requirements (which are standard for medical foam and covers), a more robust composite test applies – BS7177 for mattresses and BS7176 for cushions.
Herida are proud to acknowledge that these basic tests, alongside the following ones in raw material format, naturally apply to all of our products:
Test Method
BS EN ISO 845 : 2009 (ISO 845 : 2006)
BS EN ISO 2430 : METHOD B 2008
BS EN ISO 1798 : 2008
BS EN ISO 1856 : 2001
BS 3379 : 2005

Explanations of all of our detailed test procedures are available from our Technical Department, which is contactable on our Freephone telephone number – +44(0)800 193 6030

Fire Retardancy Standards
Please take complete confidence that all Herida products exceed the minimum requirements for fire testing, being that of of BS 7177 and BS7176: Crib 5 Composite as standard, alongside the base level cigarette and match requirements. Please ask your local representative for copies of the certification as required.